Updating your flooring can be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be! We have put together some tips for you to use when choosing flooring type, and getting ready for your carpet fitting:

  1.  Check the condition of your floor. There are a few reasons why you should check the condition of your floor. For example, your floor has suffered from water damage, or is damp, vinyl flooring may not work in your space, and can start lifting over time. If choosing carpet you may also need to check with your existing flooring type requires a carpet underlay.
  2. Choose the flooring type that suits your needs, space, and room type. At Kelly and Co Bantry, we offer three flooring types; carpet, vinyl, and laminate flooring.
    • If choosing carpet will you choose felt back or action back carpet? Felt Back does not require underlay, while action back requires underlay.
  3. Measure! 
    • When measuring your room, take the dimensions of the two widest points. 
    • If measuring stairs, measure the width of the stair, and provide us with the number of stairs. Also take measurements of stair landings. 
    • If you require assistance, we offer a free measuring service. 
  4. Choose from a selection of in stock-flooring, or place an order with us. 
  5. Take advantage of our free carpet and vinyl fitting service.
    • Ensure that your space is empty of furniture, and previous flooring material has been removed for our carpet fitter to install your new flooring material.